Update #1

What's new?

  • Leader boards (Google Play and Kongregate)
  • Achievements (Google Play)

What's changed?

  • Migrated from Unity 5.4 to 2017.04.5
  • Lowered mobile controls (Android)
  • Nerfed most enemy drones
  • added a skip to the end game score counter
  • Added Facebook invites
  • Moved min Android version to 4.4, sorry to those using low Android versions :(*
  • UI Tweaks

Leader boards and achievements

Rogue Drone on android now has achievements! A bit over 30 of them in total, you can check your progress either in-app under the achievements section (previously stats section) or directly from the google play games app.

On android there is now 3 leader boards, clean ready to be conquered give them your best shot here  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.redmintgames.rogueDrone


This was my first game and wow, the release was so much harder and way more nerv racking then i could have possibly estimated, but it's a week in now and you guys have been amazing  messaging me suggestions, bug reports and general ideas across every platform I launched on.  so a big thank you to everyone in the Indie community for your support. 


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Aug 17, 2018

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